Cinematographer & Colorist

Info - Cinematographer & Colorist - Andrew Czap

Andrew Czap is a Cinematographer based out of Fort Worth, Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in Spring 2016 with a BFA in Visual Communication Design.

After two years in the design industry, he transitioned into full-time filmmaking as a founding partner of Prelude Films.


Words from my high school photography teacher:

“Do you remember the very first time you were in the darkroom? Nervous and crowded amongst the others, finally getting used to the red glow of the safelights breaking the darkness, waiting patiently for a chance to slip the paper you had just exposed at the enlarger into the developer. Do you remember the feeling that went through you when you saw this image you had captured slowly begin to take shape? Something from the near past of a moment that meant something to you. Right before your eyes: a magic trick. Not slight of hand but actual magic. The fact that it wasn’t perfect didn’t matter – it was just the feeling that went through you…staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Always try and remember that feeling.”

Dan Regalado (1969-2014)